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NFL Changes Instagram Bio to "chiefs are 2-0 as swifites", Taylor Swift Promotion is Out of Control

I didn't believe this was real at first. I was certain that the NFL Instagram bio reading "chiefs are 2-0 as swifties" was a photoshop. They couldn't be that shameless right? 

Fucking wrong. Of course they're that shameless. Might as well put all of your money on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl right now. If you have $1,000 in the bank, transfer all of that money into your gambling account and wager it on the Chiefs. Then take out as big of a loan as your credit score will allow and put that all on the Chiefs as well. At this point, it would be irresponsible not to. Any good Financial Advisor will tell you the same thing.

I think I have to tip my cap to the NFL at this point. The lack of shame in everything they've done since Taylor Swift learned what a football is almost admirable. Especially considering the narrative after last night. With the blatant holding calls that went in the Chiefs favor at the most important time in the game, with everybody on the internet already crying "NFL rigged", to throw a pro-Taylor Swift/pro-Chiefs bio on the official NFL Instagram that is supposed to be representative of all 32 teams... that is such an enormous fuck you to all of the NFL's loyal fans.

It's going to keep getting worse too.  There is nothing the NFL won't do for money, and they have us by the balls. Pardon My Take has been saying this for years. NFL fans are going to keep watching the NFL regardless of what they do. Doesn't matter if they do a half-and-half Taylor Swift split screen for the entirety of the game. NFL fans are going to watch football all Sunday long no matter what. Taylor Swift has made it possible for the NFL to tap into a new fan base, and they are going to keep milking that cow until it stops returning a profit. As long as Taylor Swift continues to bring more eyeballs to the game, as long as Travis Kelce's jersey sales keep skyrocketing, they're going to shove her down our throats whether we like it or not.

However, since I started writing this blog, there is one silver lining. The NFL has removed the "chiefs are 2-0 as swifties" from their bio. I know that's not much, but at least it's something. Maybe there is a line they won't cross. The NFL made their Taylor Swift bio, the feedback was overwhelmingly negative, and they were bullied into changing it back. 

That's a start. At least we know there is something that they won't do. They're going to keep trying shit. They're going to come up with as many "creative" ways as possibly to feature Taylor Swift as much as physically possible. I don't know what exactly they will do next, but I can promise you it will be both painfully shameless, and will result in more money for the NFL. They jumped the shark long before this Instagram stunt, and they're going to continue jumping shark after shark after shark until there are no more sharks left in the world. Then they'll jump the dead ones.