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Before His Match The Greatest Jiu-Jitsu Fighter Ever Called His Shot By Placing The Submission Technique He'd Use In A Mystery Box... And Then He Did It

Gordon Ryan returned after being inactive for the entire year, coming into his WNO 20 main event match bringing a “mystery box” of predictions and promises. As expected from an all-time great and the -2500 favorite, Gordon Ryan absolutely dominated and kept toying with Patrick Gaudio. Ryan seemed like he intentionally avoided getting other open submissions for 15 minutes, until he decided to eventually get the armbar.

After the match, Gordon Ryan’s gimmick box was revealed to simply be advertising for him: An armbar prediction with ad about his new armbar instructional, and a sponsored Proper Twelve whiskey bottle.

The difference Gordon Ryan and everyone else is legit staggering. Im not sure there is anyone who is that much better than everyone else in their sport than Gordon Ryan is in no-gi submission grappling. He faces the best jiu-jitsu fighters in the world and toys with them. In this fight, Gordon had chance after chance after chance to finish Patrick but he didn't take them. Why? Because he had a mystery box. There was several outs where he could have finished the fight and simply chose not to. He presented legs, didnt really care about defense, and just fucked with Gaudio over and over. Truly amazing levels of dominance. 

Remember George St Pierre and how well-rounded of a fighter he is? He still grapples and does jujitsu and Gordon Ryan makes it seem like GSP has never stepped foot on a mat. 

Gordon Ryan is straight-up greatness. There's no other way to put it. 

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