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It’s impossible To Find Someone Who Is Having Less Fun During This Chiefs-Jets Game Than Brittany Mahomes

First off shoutout to Matt Jones of KY Sports Radio. A friend of the program but he’s lost when it comes to pop culture. 

Elsa. Getty Images.

Anyway … 

I’m making jokes how bombed Taylor Swift is and always has a drink in her hand (btw she could pick a much better beverage to drink ) . 

But Taylor is clearly having fun and the entire suite is doing what famous people do. Hanging with other famous people, being attractive , and doing cool shit for free. Everyone in the suite is having a blast. Carefree Sunday night, probably had a dinner I can’t even dream of eating before the game and will hit a bar I can only get into when I drop Dave’s name after the game. Cool rich people shit. Everyone having fun…

Everyone except Brittany Mahomes the absolute WOAT. 

What a drip. Lighten up for Christ Sakes. Absolutely miserable and reeks of jealousy. Pathetic on all fronts. Taylor just Wally Pipp’ed her in the WAG rankings and Brittany doesn’t have a prayer of catching her. I guess I see why that can make you miserable … but you’re in a suite with the most famous people on earth and your husband has had more graphics about how good he is all night long. Have a High Noon and lighten the fuck up.