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The Bears Had A 98.1% To Win Today's Game At One Point In The 3rd Quarter

Handsome Hank bet the Broncos +1500 at halftime and cashed. Nice call, considering these were the odds the Bears won at one point of the 3rd frame: 

And if I weren't such a pussy, I'd have bet it too. Because I knew how the game would end, odds be damned. If you caught the 12pm slate's stream, you'll see I started laughing maniacally after this play: 

And it's because I've seen this movie 1000x and knew what I was staring at. I got some shit about it on Twitter, too: 

I wasn't laughing because I want the Bears to lose though. I will say that I thought the Broncos were so fucking bad that not even the Bears could blow the game, but when Fields fumbled I knew exactly what I was staring at. It wasn't that I was laughing at Bears fans though, it's just sincerely funny to me how bad they are. Like I had tears in my eyes knowing fully that when the Broncos returned that fumble and brought the score to 28-14, I knew exactly how the game would end. 


It'd end like this: 

If you don't find today funny that's a you thing. It's not a "bad" you thing, but it's a you thing. I just happen to think it's hilarious that this is happening AGAIN, and whatever feeling this clown show brings out of you, we can all agree that it's time for them to fire everyone, again, and to start looking for a QB, again. 

Don't care that he lit up a pathetic Denver Broncos team. Check it all out on our Midshow postgame