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Anthony Richardson Is Already Making Patrick Mahomes Type Plays, He's Going To Be a Star

I gave up on this game seemingly 5 seconds in. On the Rams first drive, Matt Stafford was running out of bounds on 3rd down at midfield. He was short of the sticks. He took a full step out of bounds and Colts' EJ Speed clocked him late. As inexcusable of a penalty as you can take. The Rams drove down the remainder of the field and scored a touchdown. They got the ball back and scored again. Next thing you know it's 23-0 and the Colts don't appear to have a sliver of hope. 

Then the defense woke up. But most importantly, Anthony Richardson's concussion wore off, and he remembered he's as talented as any quarterback in the league. Maybe that's a stretch, but he certainly has the potential to get there. He plays smart, he's as big and fast as anyone on the field, and he's got a cannon for a right arm. 

That first touchdown pass while falling down, and the throw to Alec Pierce were insane insane. And to have the strength to stay on his feet to complete the 2-point conversion. He has those flashes of brilliance every game that make it impossible to not be fired up about the Colts future. And most importantly, he doesn't make a bunch of stupid mistakes. C.J. Stroud is playing great as well, but you could easily make an argument that he's been the best rookie quarterback so far this year.

It's finally fun to watch the Colts again. Everything Anthony Richardson has done this year, with the small exception of only finishing 1 of the 3 games he's played without concussing himself, gives you hope that he's going to be at MINIMUM a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback in the NFL. And no, that's not a stretch, because let's not forget that Mac Jones made a Pro Bowl once. Give me Anthony Richardson right now over Mac Jones any day. 

Friend and co-worker Chris Castellani made an excellent point during that game that had nothing to do with this game at all, but I found it funny.

Hard to argue with that. Billy Napier at Florida couldn't have a lick of success with Anthony Richardson. It's a tough look when the quarterback who you couldn't figure out how to win games with in college immediately has success in the NFL. Might be time to get Sun Belt Billy out of the SEC.

Side note about the game: You know how you have those players you don't like, and you don't even have a good reason for it? Certain guys just rub you the wrong way, despite doing nothing to deserve it what so ever. That's Puka Nacua for me. I don't like the guy. Maybe it's because he went to BYU. Maybe I just don't like his hair, or his cutesy name. But I'm already sick of hearing about him. Every time I watch him catch 100 passes a game I think to myself, "Fuck this guy, he can't actually be this good." I refuse to believe it, despite the mountains of evidence that tell me otherwise. Clearly he got the Colts number today.

What a dick. 

All things considered, that was an extremely promising game for the Colts. They got off to a horrendous start and battled back to earn a point in OT.  Anthony Richardson continues to impress. Shane Steichen appears to be a competent coach. We're still on top of the AFC South (along with everyone else). So many good things to take away. They just couldn't quite overcome the 23 point deficit today. The Rams were the better team, their offensive line played great, and the Colts just couldn't get enough pressure on the quarterback to get them off the field in overtime.

So for the love of god Anthony Richardson, please just continue to protect yourself. If you can do that, considering how the AFC South looks this year, the Colts might have a realistic shot at making a run at the division.