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We Got An Old Man Sprinting Across The Green And Jumping Into The Water Because Europe Kicked Our Ass So Bad At The Ryder Cup

You gotta be kidding me? As if we didn't get our asses kicked bad enough we have old guys out here sprinting past people to jump in the water. This is 100% gotta be what Azinger keeps talking about with the whole 'the Ryder Cup is in their blood' that he repeats no less than 100 times a day. Great effort by the caddie too. Why bother? You're a European caddie, no point in trying to stop this. I can't even be mad. You win, you get to do whatever you want - fans included.

Now as for this old dude. That's pretty elite speed. I'm honestly impressed with the burst he has to get to the water. Could work on his cannonball. That's pretty weak. You gotta commit to the cannonball. Can't just flop there and let your knees hit the water. If you're going to do this and live out the dream of jumping into the water, you either gotta swan dive or splash. What's the move after though? I mean once you get free? A pal better have some dry clothes. 

Brutal. Absolutely brutal start to finish. Spare me sportsmanship, someone from the USA gotta step in and stop the jump into the water. Show some heart.