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Patrick J. Pespas Of HBO's Telemarketers Is Missing

Patrick J. Pespas won the hearts of America as an investigative reporter who set out to take down the shady world of "telemarketers pretending to be cops." The Telmarketers documentary was a wild ride. The world of telemarketing was something that nobody ever thought about, but Patrick J. Pespas bravely put the whole thing on blast.

For those who didn't watch the documentary, I'll give you a quick rundown. Patrick J. Pespas was on the best telemarketers in the game. The company he telemarketed for was shady as hell. The would essentially just call every number in the phonebook, imply that they were with the police, ask for donations, the give a small percentage to the police while the owners of the telemarketing company got rich as fuck. But Patrick J. Pespas saw through the bullshit and made an entire documentary to expose the industry. A documentary that got picked up by HBO.

Patrick J. Pespas struggled with heroin addiction, but from what you see in the documentary he had a heart of gold. Everybody loved him. Everyone at the company loved him. He would close deals while nodding out on drugs. I don't want to make light of that, but to me, that just goes to show of incredibly bright and intelligent of a person he was.. He took care of his sick wife and brought her back to health. Literally got her out of a wheelchair. In one scene in particular, Patrick J. Pespas walked out into his backyard, and I kid you not every fucking neighbor stuck their heads out the window to say hello. The whole neighborhood loved him. Everybody at work loved him. He was charismatic guy, and any of us would be lucky to know him.

In the end of the documentary, he was able to meet with a Senator to share with him his findings on the shady world of telemarketing. It was a huge moment for him. I'm not sure if anything ever came of it, but for a guy like Patrick J. Pespas to make enough progress in his personal investigation to gain a meeting with a high ranking government employee… that alone is a massive success. But most importantly, everyone who watched the documentary now knows that if you receive a phone call from an unsolicited number, and the person calling tells you, "I'm calling on behalf of the police", we know that it's fucking bullshit, and that we should never give them our money. You'd be better off handing $50 to a random officer on the street.

Sadly, Patrick J. Pespas is now missing. As I mentioned before, Patrick J. Pespas struggled with addiction throughout the Telemarketers documentary. At times he was doing well, at times he wasn't. I've been around addicts, and have been an addict long enough myself to know that you never really know when someone is actually telling you the truth about being clean. It's a fucking war. I say that to say it's not necessarily uncommon for a person with a history of drug abuse to go missing out the blue. It's sad, but it's true. It doesn't necessarily mean he's off the rails. It doesn't necessarily mean he's in bad shape. It might just mean he doesn't want to be around people right now. All we really know is that we don't know where he is. So on the .01% chance anybody reading this has a line on Pat, or if anybody in the Easton, PA areas knows anything about the situation, or happens to come across him on the street, please reach out to the proper authorities. 

Patrick J. Pespas is a fucking legend. For Patrick J. Pespas to pull off a grass roots documentary that got picked up by HBO… that's so fucking impressive. Patrick J. Pespas is a god damn hero, and I hope with all my heart that he gets home safely. Considering how much we all enjoyed the show, I thought the least we could do is put a blog out in hopes of bringing him home.

For anybody in the area, here is a recent photo of him.