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The Sideline Reporter Asking Maryland's Coach "For A Smile On The Way Out " Of A Halftime Interview Is Such A Rediculous Comment

Was Maryland up 27-3 at the half ? Yes . Does my bet of Indiana +14.5 look as dumb as every other bet I have placed today ? Yes. Is Mike Locksey probably taking this too seriously and being a hardo about not smiling ? Yes. But here's the real question ... 

Is this a wild comment , maybe the wildest comment from the sideline reporter ? Absolutely. Listen lady you are lucky these guys know what a red light is when they leave their house. Absolute robots locked in on football, the gridiron, game tape, x's and o's and motivating their team for a W. Robots baby. God , country ,football and never in that order depending on how your record is. 

Asking one of these social misfits to show any kind of emotion is so insane of a move you almost have to respect it. Blown away that she actually thought he would play along. Now I know he smiled but the minute he walked away he was cursing to himself that he had to crack a smile and now somehow he looks week and soft to his players, his fans, his alumni and worst of all himself. Guy is so pissed she made him do that.