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Antonio Brown Reveals Incredible Golf Swing, Should Replace Zach Johnson as Ryder Cup Captain Immediately

Catch The Energy. Love what I'm seeing out of Antonio Brown here. We've been swinging golf clubs the wrong way this whole time. Sure, Antonio Brown's one armed windmill style swing still has some kinks to work out. But I see the vision. 

As a matter of fact, the United States could use Antonio Brown's innovation now more than ever. Get Zach Johnson as far away from the Ryder Cup as humanly possible. Replace him with Antonio Brown immediately. We've seen what Zach Johnson is capable of. He has somehow found a way to actively hurt the games of the best golfers in the world. I didn't even think that was possible. I thought the Ryder Cup captain was more of a formality. They get to pick the teams, then drive a golf cart around the course for a few days and pretend like they're leading the team to victory. But nope, Zach Johnson managed to make Team USA worse.

Team USA is in dire straights. They need something beyond drastic to shake things up going into Sunday. Something completely out of left field. Something that makes no sense what so ever. That's what Antonio Brown could offer you. I'm not even kidding. What do you think gives Team USA a better chance of making a 5 point comeback tomorrow? Zach Johnson boringly addressing the team with some vanilla wallpaper motivational speech in his big dumb sunglasses. Or Antonio Brown riding in on a tiger, 10 concussions deep with his fancy new mohawk, stringing together sentences that are barely English. Everyone on Team USA looks around at each other like, "holy shit this guy is fucking crazy." They all have a good laugh and loosen up a bit. Then let Antonio Brown follow the Europeans around the course, shouting profanities at them, heckling them in a way that is entirely inappropriate for golf. Turn the Ryder Cup into a complete clown show. I truly believe that would give The USA a better chance at a comeback then any shit Zach Johnson has planned. We need a miracle. Antonio Brown could be that miracle.