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The Inside Of The New Sphere In Vegas Is The Most Nightmare Fuel Concert Scene Imaginable

Nope. I can't think of a worse place I'd want to watch a concert. Panic attack and claustrophobia nightmare like you read about. But imagine being on psychedelics inside this thing? Shrooms would send your mind to a sensory overload. The pressure is on even more now for the hackers who already have seemingly taken over Vegas. Hack this thing during a concert and let your mind roam free.

I guess this was a U2 performance to open up the many concerts that will be taking place here in the future. I was going to ask how U2 continually gets the coolest shit to happen to them (EVERY iPhone getting their album whether they liked it or not, opening the Sphere), but clearly they're just built for the biggest stages.

I will say this other one you can maybe get me behind, but that like augmented reality Chris Jericho entrance looking one above can still go:

Maybe this isn't all bad? I don't know any famous hyponotists (is that even a word?), but get them on the horn and play a show. Just don't be surprised if some of the people in the crowd's brains break. And maybe heed it with massive epilepsy warnings. 

Alright maybe I am coming around on it. I'm not sure. I need to see more. Let's get someone else in there and I'll make my final call. Maybe throw the Swifties in there for a once in a lifetime experience? One can dream.