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There Were So Many Lions Fans At Lambeau Field On Thursday Night That The Packers Had To Release A Statement Explaining Why

My oh, my, how the turn tables. Do you think this organization is shook or what? It was all over social media on Thursday that Lions fans came out in droves to watch Detroit smack the shit out of Green Bay at Lambeau Field. It’s never a good look when half of your home stadium is filled with opposing fans, but I didn’t really view it as that much of an indictment on the fans in Green Bay. I figured it was more so that the Lions are finally good. 

Crazy things happen when you put together a good product. I feel like the best course of action would’ve been for the Packers to just shut the hell up and let this ride, but they figured it best to release a statement explaining why there was a sea of Honolulu blue at Ford Field on Thursday night.

I’ve never really viewed the Packers as being the sole reason why the Lions have been unable to win the NFC North in my lifetime. More often than not, I’m inclined to believe that the Lions get in their way more than other teams. At the same time, watching how a historically dominant organization reacts to no longer being dominant is fascinating. I’ve watched so many shitty Lions teams in my lifetime. There was a period when we had trouble selling out games. Everyone just shrugged their shoulders because the team is terrible. It’s incredible what happens when you actually give the fans a good product. 

This is why I roll my eyes at any person who tries to use attendance numbers as a reflection of loyalty. The Lions finally have a good product. Fans are coming out. That’s awesome; it’s going to get better. Green Bay is a much shorter trip than some other road stadiums, but every road stadium can look forward to something like this. Detroit fans travel, well, especially if you give them something to root for.