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Mr. Beast Is Locking 2 People In A Room For 100 Days And If They Don't Leave They Get $500,000

This Mr. Beast guy is really the GOAT of content. My toxic trait is that I think this would be incredibly easy to do depending on who it's with. You're either fucked from the moment you get in there and couldn't even last 24 hours, or you luck out and those days fly by. Good news is you can just leave after a day if the person truly is that miserable. No harm no foul. I'd assume there's probably some activities to do, otherwise this just seems like a pure torture chamber, but it can't be that bad. And if there's anyone who can ask these hypotheticals, it's this guy who says fuck it and has an unlimited budget to do whatever he wants.

A 100 day break to just live in what is nicer than a college dorm? No internet, external bullshit or problems? Give me like 50 books and a chess board and let us go to work. Of course you're going to get the weirdos who call Mr. Beast a dystopian freak who just wants to see some brain chemistry get completely demented, but if there's two able and willing participants then why not. 

You gotta wonder how far Mr. Beast can take all of this though. At what point does his content get stale because he keeps one upping himself and he's running a Stanford prison experiment? Or a real version of his Squid Games where people actually die? I wouldn't be the first Barstool employee to be on a Mr. Beast video (shout out Brianna), but if there's still some room available in this suite have your people hit my people Mr. Beast. I'm sure this blog would love me gone for 100 days anyway!