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WOW, We Finally Found Out What Joe Jonas Allegedly Heard Sophie Turner Say On Their Ring Camera That Was the "Final Straw" Of Their Divorce

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin. Getty Images.

Page Six- Joe Jonas allegedly caught Sophie Turner bad-mouthing him on their Ring camera ahead of their bombshell split. “It wasn’t anything more than that,” an insider told US Weekly on Wednesday. “But that was the final straw.”

Multiple sources had previously told TMZ that the singer, 34, had witnessed his wife saying or doing something that made him realize their marriage was over.

Alright guys, absolute bombshell right here. Allegedly, Joe Jonas heard Sophie Turner "bad mouthing" him on their Ring camera. That's it. That was the "final straw" for Joe Jonas. What a fucking loser. I'm sorry but sometimes you just need to talk shit about your significant other. It is completely normal and human to need to talk about what's going on in your life and why your partner is annoying the fuck out of you. For that to be the "final straw" is absolutely insane to me. Sophie must have been talking MAD shit, like some pretty bad stuff. She probably called him short or something like that. 

Apparently, Nick and Kevin Jonas were huge in the decision for Joe to get a divorce. So Joe probably told them that he heard Sophie bad mouthing him and they were probably like "Okay bro, you gotta end this." As if they didn't talk shit about each other for like 4 years when they were broken up as a band. If this is true, it just makes me feel worse for Sophie. I understand that it is mean to talk about your husband behind his back, but it IS SO NORMAL. You're gonna say shit to your friends in the heat of the moment that you don't mean. That shouldn't be the catalyst of a divorce. Unless that shit was really, really bad.