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The Chicago Bears Suck But At Least We Have Miller Lite And Flo Santos

In hindsight, the Bears are most certainly not going 15-2 this season. But I want to credit that guy up front for the conviction in his prediction. Turns out we were all wrong. 10 wins. 9 wins. 16. Whatever your projection, this team is going way under and that's just the way life is as a Chicago Anything fan. 

Even so - Flo Santos is a great spot for tortured Bears fans. The pizza really is some of the best tavern style in the city and you can't beat the beer garden. I lived down the street from 2015-2020 and destroyed countless pierogi platters and teriyaki drenched wings. Service is rapid and attentive. The vibe is local and older. Clean as a fuckin whistle and routinely frequented by uniformed CPD on lunch/dinner. Pound for pound it's hard to find a better food/bar combo from Congress to 18th. Take that for what it is. 

On Sundays though, it's extra clutch as one of the only bars within walking distance of Soldier Field. Pregame - sure. It's outstanding. 

But the real muscle with Flo Santos is when the Bears kick at noon and you want to watch the 3:25 games. You have just enough time to leave Soldier Field, get cell service outside the stadium, place afternoon bets and then make your way to Flo Santos for the 1st half. I like to order an appetizer, couple cold ones and a well done pizza for takeout. Then you get the uber at halftime when all the traffice from the Bears game has died down. Grab your pizza and enjoy the 2nd half from home. 

The way Flo Santos works into your experience going to Bears games is amazing. If you're subjecting yourself to the misery of Soldier Field this year, then I encourage you to check this place out on the way in or out. Not everyone wants the parking lot tailgate scene. Most - but not everyone. So consider this place instead. 

Finally - I understand we suck. I suck. The Bears suck. I get it. Trust me. 

There's two more Da Bars episodes this year. I like to do them in their natural environment, but spoiler alert is we got Declan's on the menu this fall. More on that later. 

Thank you to Miller Lite for sponsoring this series and an equally big thank you to producer Harry for cooking up another beautiful video for Barstool Chicago YouTube. He does a lot for the brand and has a great name, great vibe and works around the clock. Guys like Harry deserve more credit so Thank You Harry. 

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