Nothing Sums Up Today's Ass Kicking And Choke Job Like Shane Lowry Celebrating His Heart Out All Over The 18th Green

Might as well just line up from 20 yards out and throw that fist pump directly in my nuts. That's what happened on 18. You had that Hovland putt to start it off this afternoon. I mean, yeah dude is on fire, but come on. Sure would have helped if Justin Thomas didn't play 1-on-2 the entire back 9, or made that short putt on 16. Seeing Lowry in the background just fist pumping his ass off sums up the first day of the Ryder Cup basically.

That was until Jon Rahm did his thing and Lowry went back to the well:


That's it. We battled commericals and shitty TV coverage. We battled a lack of sleep. We did all that just to watch Jon Rahm stomp all over our chest. That putt on 18 and this chip on 16 were just back breakers

Forget the fact that Fitzpatrick and Hojgaard couldn't miss putts today. Forget that we burned edges all over the 8 matches today, or even us just getting our ass kicked in a couple. Shane Lowry dancing all over the 18th green sums it up. Two matches where it felt like we were getting a full point from each. Instead, disaster. One of the worst showings during a Ryder Cup day. Yeah, I know Brooks/Scottie didn't play bad. They lost on those two Rahm's eagles. But you went to the 18th with 3 chances for 3 points. You walked out with 1.5. You got swept in the morning session. 

I can't even be mad at Lowry. That's the annoying part. They kicked our ass, we choked. Figure it the fuck out tomorrow boys because we're on life support here.