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Source: Connor Bedard Likes Hockey

Connor Bedard's favorite thing to do in life is playing hockey. His 2nd favorite thing is thinking about hockey. His 3rd favorite thing? Well he probably doesn't have a 3rd favorite thing. He's either playing hockey, he's thinking about hockey, or he's absolutely miserable and/or asleep. But chances are he's dreaming about hockey so even that isn't too bad. 

But I'll go ahead and ask the question that everybody is Connor Bedard a bad teammate? The kid is completely obsessed with the sport, sure, but so much so that he'll be a total ice hog out there. There was nothing worse than those kids who flat our refused to get off the ice. You'd be waiting on the bench as your other 2 linemates went out 50 seconds ago. The play goes down one end, comes back the other, you keep staring at him like a hawk as he pretends to not even know where the bench is at. Finally there's a whistle for offsides and your 2 linemates are already gassed. You get a quick 15-second shift before it's time for another line change. That's Connor Bedard. 

Where I come from, generational superstars know that quick shifts are the key to greatness. Save the 2-minute long shifts with a million toe drags for summer league.