Welcome To The NBA: Pacers Rookie Jarace Walker's Soul Almost Left His Body After Being Handed A $9,000 Dinner Bill

As great as Jarace Walker may have looked in Summer League, at the end of the day he is still a rookie, and with that comes your standard rookie responsibilities. Sometimes that's carrying around a Disney themed backpack on road trips, carrying bags, we've heard about guys needing to buy donuts or food for road trips. And of course, there's always the rookie dinner bill, which hit Jarace for a cool $9k.

There's something kind of funny about Haliburton filming this video considering he just signed his 5/205M extension, and listen I don't care if you're a top 10 pick (and signed a 4/27M deal), seeing that figure would freak anybody out that hasn't really been around NBA money yet. There's also this to remember

I'm pretty sure I would have a similar reaction. in fact, I'd say Walker handled that pretty well all things considered. Even if it ended up only being a prank and the vets ultimately paid, those few seconds where you are trying to figure out how the hell you're going to cover that bill had to be hell. There are few things more embarrassing than getting a card declined when you're at dinner, and I imagine it's 10x worse when you're at a dinner with all of your fellow NBA teammates.

I tried to see what even could cost that much money but that shit was way too blurry. I think there's 1 bread pudding that was like 14 dollars or something along those lines? That feels a little aggressive. Is that just the price nowadays for bread pudding? No wonder nobody can afford shit.

On the positive side, the vibes around the Pacers look to be great heading into the season which as a Pacers fan would very much excite me. They locked down Haliburton who proved to be worthy of being the face of their franchise, they are loaded with young talent and seem to be heading in the right direction. I'm calling it now, I think the Pacers (if healthy) can get into the low 40s win range and make it out of the Play In into the real dance. I've seen enough.