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The Internet Is Just Figuring Out Now That Trevor Lawrence Is Mid

This was a shocking thing to start my morning. I have always thought Mac Jones was Mid but I have people telling me nonstop about how Trevor Lawrence is amazing. I keep hearing how great he is and one of the best prospects we have ever seen out of college bit his stats don't show it. People don't like blind resumes unless it proves their point about someone. 

People just like to make up narratives and when you start showing stats to them they refuse to see it. This is career stats, both had some bad offensive coaches and they are very comparable. I think there are a lot of quarterbacks that already have that elite status given to them when they just don't deserve that yet. You have some people out their that would rather Trevor Lawrence instead of Tua thats how brain washed fans are right now. Every quarterback has talent. their is a reason they are all here but they need to show more to get into that elite level. Mahomes is in his own league, Then you have Hurts, Burrow, Allen, Tua and then there is a drop off. Trevor Lawrence has a lot to prove this year and he has started off really slow and all of this could change but I do think he has been put in the elite category way to quick.