A U.S. Airman Noticed His Coffee Was Tasting Bad, So He Set Up A Camera And Caught His Wife Trying To Kill Him By Putting Bleach In It

That whole video is 9 minutes long, but the gist of it is pretty simple. This guy noticed for several weeks that his coffee was tasting like shit, so he bought some chemical testing strips that showed he was drinking stuff with more chemicals in it than a swimming pool and he caught his wife trying to kill him.

Obviously this woman should go to prison forever and all that, but I just want to take a second to appreciate how atrocious this murder attempt was — thankfully so. This woman was putting bleach in her husband's coffee for WEEKS and was just going to keep doing it like he'd never notice? Again, I'm glad she was unsuccessful, but you'd think an attempted poisoning would have a little more behind it than doing the same shit for the 13th day in a row that didn't work the first dozen times.

And then after doing that for weeks, she wasn't getting a little paranoid that maybe her husband had caught on to her game at all? He had cameras all throughout the house and she never checked once. I hope everyone in whatever prison this woman is going to has seen this story by the time she gets in there just so they know how offensively stupid she is.

Imagine being such a piece of shit that you'd try to kill your innocent husband and so shockingly incompetent that you couldn't do it with a weeks-long head start. Not a combo that's going to play well in the big house, I'd guess.