The Only Thing That's A Bigger Embarrassment Than Team USA Right Now Is Whatever The Hell We're Getting With This TV Coverage


I don't understand a lot of things going on right now. How did ZJ send out those pairings for foursomes? How is Noclai Hojgaard pushing our shit in nonstop? And what in the living hell is this TV coverage? I know there are commercials to be had and money to be made, but this is embarrassing. It's the only thing that's about as embarrassing as this USA team right now. No heart from USA Network, no heart from Team USA. 

I never thought much of Sam Ryder, but now? Now I fucking hate him and it's simply because his commercial has gotten more airtime than any golfer on the course. I don't understand how you don't show every shot at the Ryder Cup when there's only 4 groups out there. It's almost impossible to miss a shot in this format yet here we are. We're seeing scores change before we see shots. We have a scorebug that makes no sense. 

If we're going to get our ass kicked and Europe's never going to miss chip-ins and long putts, I demand to see it. I need to see something to protest. I'm not above calling in a rules violation to help this team at this point. Hell, it's about the only thing that can help this team right now. We're basically lifeless right now. I'm simply too old to be sleeping 3 hours to watch us lose like this - or at least find out what's going on from following people at the Ryder Cup providing updates. 

Figure it the fuck out!