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Taylor Swift Blocked Fox From Playing Her Music During Last Sunday's Chiefs/Bears Game

Fox’s lead NFL producer reveals that Taylor Swift blocked the network from using her music during Travis Kelce’s game that she attended. After hearing rumors of her attendance, they requested to use her music during the broadcast, but were denied by her record label and publishing company.

You know what, good. EVERYBODY'S cashing in and she certainly doesn't need Sunday Night Football playing her songs for any kind of publicity. I also think this probably has something to do with the re-records/old masters - what if Fox played one of the songs that hasn't been rerecorded yet?? We don't need Scooter Braun cashing a SNF check. 

What I gather from this, is that Fox and the NFL are incredibly desperate. They heard a RUMOR that she was coming and they quickly tried to get the rights to play her music? What, so they could be like "Look Taylor, we're cool!" Please. She doesn't need you guys!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!

Check out Gia and I's latest episode of Taylor Watch to catch up on all the details of last week's game before we head into the weekend where she is, apparently, running it back again at MetLife! Maybe she'll change her mind and let them blast her music through the speakers this week?