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Jared Goff Didn't Just Beat The Packers, He Also Straight Up Destroyed Ryan Fitzpatrick For Calling Him A 'Poor Man's Matt Ryan'

Note to self: don't say anything about Jared Goff and don't you ever dare call him a poor man's anything. He clearly heard about Fitzpatrick's comment about Goff being a 'poor man's Matt Ryan' and wasted no time to bring it up. In fact he did it almost the moment he could and right to Fitzpatrick's face. Checkmate. You can see it all over Fitzpatrick. He knows he can't say anything. He knows he made an assessment, Goff heard about it and called him right out on it. Love that move from Goff. It's part of what makes this Lions team so easy to root for (if you're not an NFC North team obviously). 

They aren't afraid to talk shit and honestly they deserve to do so right now. They are 3-1. You are what your record says you are. Goff isn't going to put up massive numbers because he doesn't have to. It's not what the Lions do. They run the ball down your damn throats and then take chances when they can. It doesn't even matter that they used a high pick on Jahmyr Gibbs and give David Montgomery the rock 32 times. He gets three touchdowns and they score 34 points. 

Saying 'I hope it's up to your standards' is such a hilarious line. Even funnier when you see Richard Sherman starting to lose his shit laughing over it. Just the perfect execution to let Fitzpatrick know that word got back to Goff. Again, Goff's career was basically considered dead the moment he was on the Lions and they stunk. People were debating who the Lions should take over him. Now here we are and Goff is the quarterback for a good Lions team.