It's Called Style And Class: Lions DT Benito Jones Showed Up To Tonight's Game Dressed In Overalls That Make Vince Wilfork Jealous

I know I'm not 'stylish' if that's what you call style. Slap me in a quarter zip and some joggers and that's about my extent of style. Maybe a vintage t-shirt or two. But this? If you show up like this in Green Bay, you need to show up and win. You can't lose after this. It's a certain level of respect to Vince Wilfork

But Vince Wilfork was fucking good. I don't know how else to describe him besides that. Benito Jones was just claimed off waivers by the Lions a month ago. That takes some balls to show up in this sort of outfit. Typically this is reserved for the NBA or a quarterback. Rarely do we get a fashion update from a lineman but here we are. Then again, this is Benito Jones: