Curt Schilling Is An Asshole And Revealed Tim Wakefield Is Seriously Sick Without His Permission

Jim Rogash. Getty Images.

Let me say I wouldn't even be writing this blog if media outlets (like NY Post, TMZ and others) weren't already reporting that Wakefield was sick. The media attention became so overwhelming that the Red Sox had to put out that press release. Curt Schilling said on his podcast that Wakefield was ill and then said what he was specifically battling. I'm not going to disclose those specifics because the Wakefields clearly don't want that. Also, Schilling is such a stupid asshole that I don't trust him as a source.

It's pretty impressive how often Schilling fucks up consistently by opening his mouth yet can never close it. He's not in the Hall Of Fame because he kept attacking the media when the writers are the one voting on the Hall Of Fame. The media obviously sucks at times (look at last week's Washington Post fiasco with Dave). But Dave was defending himself. Schilling would just attack for no real reason. Schilling also lost his ESPN Sunday Night Baseball gig for posting a meme comparing Muslims to Nazis. He literally can't help himself from doing stupid shit but this seems recklessly cruel even for Schilling. 

Rich Pilling. Getty Images.

Tim Wakefield by all accounts has been an ideal teammate and great guy off the field. He won the 2010 Roberto Clemente award for being the best citizen in baseball that year. He's donated so much time and energy towards helping the Jimmy Fund. He was with the Red Sox from 1995-2011 and I can't remember a bad word being said about him. That's not easy to do in the Boston media market especially pre-2004 when fans were filled with angst. 

Why would Schilling do this? Is it that he's selfish or just stupid? Maybe it's both? It's a podcast. Everyone makes mistakes and maybe it slipped but you can always edit that out before you release it. I listened to the show and Schilling even admits that he doesn't even know if Wakefield wanted this information shared. What a fucking asshole thing to do.

Personally, I loved watching Tim Wakefield so much. I named my dog after him. It's such an impressive story that he started his career being a guy who struggled in the minor leagues as a first baseman with the Pirates. He learned how to pitch the knuckleball and worked his ass off to become great at it. That same guy ended up becoming the Red Sox all-time leader in Innings Pitched. That's a remarkable story of endurance. He did so much for the the Red Sox. He was a starter, long reliever and even a closer at times. He was the perfect teammate.


He's always been such a class act and he's only 57. That's awful that he has to go a major health issue at a relatively young age. He has a wife and a child. There is a lot to navigate that makes a health battle hard enough. That Curt Schilling had to open his mouth and take away one of the things that Wakefield could control away from him is despicable. 

Curt Schilling should be in the Hall of Fame. He was a great pitcher. As much as I want that to happen, I'd be even happier if he'd just shut the fuck up and go away.