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Magic Johnson Brought The Receipts When It Came To The Steph Curry GOAT Point Guard Debate

Juan Ocampo. Getty Images.

Back when we were in the dog days of the NBA offseason where all we had to talk about was Damian Lillard and James Harden trade drama, the internet was basically craving for anything else to debate. It didn't really matter what it was or how stupid it may have been, we just had to pass the time some other way. 

Enter the Steph Curry GOAT point guard debate

Once that video hit the internet it did scratch the itch for a few days. We all had our own take, mine was that as great as Steph is, the answer to this debate for the moment is Magic Johnson, but one thing we hadn't really heard was the man himself weigh in on this topic. 

Magic was finally asked about it and he came with the receipts

This was sort of my point in my initial blog about this last month. Nothing brings me more pain than ever saying anything in support or nice about a Laker, but it felt like this was mostly a younger era not really remembering what Magic Johnson did on a basketball court. One of those situations where we sometimes tend to think the new age stuff is automatically better than the old school. Not to sound too much like an old or anything, but come on

So while it pains me to say, I have to roll with Magic here. He basically told everyone to get the hell out of here with that nonsense, but he did it in the nicest way possible. I'd even go so far to say Magic left some stuff out of his resume in that clip which makes it even less of a debate in my opinion. Maybe Steph gets there one day, but he's certainly not there yet.

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