As A Society, We Owe It To Old People To Have Someone With Them 24/7 To Help Prevent Scams Like The Poor Bastard Who Got Taken For $10K Because His Son Was "Arrested"

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NY Post- A scam artist bilked a 74-year-old Upper West Side man out of nearly $10,000 by claiming his son needed the money for bail — in a scheme eerily similar to one that targeted another senior in the same neighborhood just last month, police said.

In the more recent case, the septuagenarian got a call around 12:30 p.m. Sept. 15 from someone claiming his son had been arrested, couldn’t be reached and needed to pay bail to be released, cops said.

But the victim’s son was never under arrest, cops said. The fraudster coerced the victim into meeting him at West 62nd Street and Riverside Boulevard and turning over $9,500 “under false promise,” the NYPD said.  The heartless thief then took off in a black SUV.

The incident comes about three weeks after another swindler bilked a 78-year-old granny out of the same amount of money, cops said. The elderly woman received a phone call at her Upper West Side home from a man who posed as her grandson and asked her for $9,500 to make bail, according to cops.  She agreed and the scammer arranged for a courier to come pick up the money about an hour later, police said.

I am very much a respect your elders type of guy. I have for sure used the term geezer or got pissed that an old lady driving a Studebaker but overall older people very much deserve our respect. They've been around a long time. They have wisdom, they have patience, they have experience and they have knowledge. We can learn a lot from them. For that they deserve our respect. 

With all that said, there has to be some sort of service to help protect these people when they go out in public and protect them from scams. Maybe it's a person in there house to help answer the phone when people call with these phone scams to give them money, or maybe it's someone traveling with them at all times out in public like this to prevent them handing over cash to a guy claiming to be a police officer. 

These poor old people need guidance, they need supervision. I'm talking soup to nuts. Make it cheap, make it affordable, but very much give them nice people who can help with errands, having company , and helping prevent them from losing their wallet, taking their medication and finding the remote. It's the least we can do to help those that raised us. 

In all seriousness. listen to Billy Joel explain why taking care of the elderly is so important. It's a beautiful story about the town of Vienna, and has always stuck with me with the right way to approach treating them.