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Report: Taylor Swift Plans To Be At The Chiefs/Jets Game On Sunday Night

I really didn't think she would! I'll be honest! Two weeks of football in a row?? Two weeks of being under a microscope?? But, this is Taylor's new WAG life. She's got to cheer on her man, even when he's putting a beat down on every other team in the NFL. My sports fans tell me the Jets don't stand a chance, so I'm sure we'll see lots more of Taylor celebrating Travis touchdowns. 

Oh, and yes, I saw the photo of the two of them at the PRIVATE after party. I won't post the photos. I think its fucking gross that someone in that PRIVATE ROOM was taking pictures of Taylor and Travis. When they're out and about driving a convertible into the sunset, that's on their terms. They know people are watching. But to be sneaking photos when it's clearly a closed event meant to make everyone feel safe, JAILTIME. Who would've done that, seriously? Some player's floozy girlfriend or some dumb sibling? Ugh. IT'S A SLIPPERY SLOPE PEOPLE!