Braves Pitcher Spencer Strider Thinks MLB Should Get Rid Of Fans At Games Because "It's Too Loud"

Yeah, this probably isn’t something that you should say right before the postseason starts. Spencer Strider is filthy. The guy has been a strikeout machine since the day he got called to the big leagues. His numbers are very bizarre. His peripherals make him out to potentially be the best pitcher in baseball, but he’s become a master of the five-inning, three-run, ten-strikeout start. Sometimes, I feel like we hold him in a way higher regard than we should, but he has a plus stuff. With that said, this is a bit of a rough look. At least he's been consistent with this take.

Strider may very well be joking right now. But this is one of those instances where, even if he's just fucking around, you're on the verge of the postseason, you can't give opposing teams ammunition. I know he was coming back from injury, but this could explain the fucking meltdown that he had in Philadelphia last year in game three against the Phillies. 

I think this is a rough look from a competitor's standpoint. From a human being's standpoint, I do understand it. It would be hypocritical of me, somebody who spends 23 out of 24 hours in the same room, to act like there isn't some comfort that comes with isolation, but I just feel like it goes against what makes baseball awesome. When you get to October, and these crowds are rocking, that's the kind of shit you want to get up for.  I know that the Braves have a historically good lineup, but with Fried and Morton currently dealing with injuries, Strider will need to pitch like an ace. If he doesn't, this clip will be posted everywhere for the next year.