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An Irish University Is Teaching A Class On 'How to Be an Influencer' - Including 'How To Not Get Canceled'

SOURCE - Beginning next September, South East Technological University (SETU) in Carlow, Ireland, will offer a bachelor of arts degree in content creation and social media, according to the BBC. Among the courses in the program are creative video, celebrity studies, psychology, data analytics, podcasting and work experience, per a description on the university’s website.

This is fucking absurd. You don't need a CLASS ON HOW TO BE AN INFLUENCER. You needed classes on how to be a fucking mechanic or electrician. I just don't understand this. You want to be an influencer? Post online and be charismatic. It's really not that hard. You don't need a course ON PODCASTING. You just hit record and talk into a mic. If all of us idiots at Barstool can podcast, you do not need a college course on it. 

SOURCE - One of the courses offered is crisis management, which will teach students about critical and unexpected situations. "Crises involve critical and unexpected situations and they will always happen in workplaces and communities," according to the school. "However, since the advent of social media, bad news travels faster than ever. In this module, we will examine the importance of a social media strategy incorporating a crisis management plan."

I love how they call being canceled, "crisis management." If you don't want to get canceled, don't say stupid shit. It's really not that difficult. What is their crisis management plan gonna be? "How to Write a Notes App Apology" or "How to Cry on Camera So People Feel Bad For You"? I find this all very funny and quite scary. This is what our world is turniyng into! 

And listen, I love influencers and I am trying to be one myself. I just don't think that a college program is needed to teach people how to be an influencer. It is pretty straight forward in my opinion. If anything, you should actually study real shit in college so you have that as a backup plan (I say this with my Journalism degree that is basically useless).