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The Heat Fucked Up The Damian Lillard Trade So Bad That Jimmy Butler Is Crying For The Bucks To Get Investigated For Tampering

You know what? I love this response by Jimmy Butler. I was waiting to see what he'd say since basically the entire world guaranteed Dame would be playing in Miami. He could have said anything here and he went with tampering. The only thing that could have topped it is if he called out Pat Riley for blowing the deal. How do you fuck it up that bad? All you had to do was up your offer and have a better shot to win a title. Oh well, shame really. 

But this is what you do. You put blame on anyone and everyone else. You didn't hear it from Jimmy Butler despite him posting it and saying it. He heard from someone else that the Bucks need to be investigated for tampering. Wonder why? 

Little hint: everyone tampers, even the shitty teams. You gotta do whatever it takes to win. Here's the thing, Jimmy has to commit to the bit the entire year. Bring it up every interview. Do full on protests until there's an investigation into tampering. You can't just say it once and then back off. Jimmy might be crazy enough to do it, I'm not ruling anything out with him. This is a man who drove without a rearview mirror because he always looks ahead or something.