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Petulant Prick Tom Sandoval Is Starting His Own Podcast

God I fucking hate this asshole. He never learns! Really, like, he will never show remorse for being such a flaming pile of garbage, and his level of narcissism is actually horrifying. I don't know who he has as his advisor on things like this, but I'll tell you what, the last thing this man needs is a microphone. 

He'll always be cashing checks from Vanderpump because he's an incurable cancer on that show, but really, are any of us clamoring for his fashion thoughts? His music takes? Does anyone care about the drinks he makes anymore? I'm honestly surprised that everything he's ever had his hands in hasn't gone completely out of business yet. 

Even the fact he'll be on Special Forces, a show that I have yet to watch, doesn't interest me. I don't want to be encouraging his villain behavior because the thing is - he's actually a real life, walking, talking, villain. Not fun for TV, not an anti-hero, an actual bad guy. And now he'll be charging you 25 dollars a month to continue spreading his delusions and pretending that his behavior is acceptable. NO THANKS. 

I'm sure all 3 members so far are really gonna love it!!!!