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The Sophie Turner/Joe Jonas Divorce Is Going To Be Messy

Page 6 - Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are entering a turf war over where the location of their divorce proceedings will take place.

The Jonas Brothers band member is fighting for the case to be heard in the US, while the “Game of Thrones” alum is hoping to have it occur in England, where she wants to raise their daughters, Willa and Delphine.

A hearing took place in Miami Wednesday with the court deciding that it wouldn’t make a final decision on parenting until Turner’s lawsuit in New York, which she filed last week claiming Jonas refused to give back their kids’ passports, has made its definitive ruling as to whether the case should be heard in the UK or Florida.

This just keeps getting messier and messier. It is quite sad to watch, but I just really don't understand this. What is the difference if they have the proceedings in NY or in the UK? They must have different laws regarding custody and things like that but I am truly not sure. At this point, I just feel bad for these two. I thought their divorce was gonna be quiet, but it's just been splattered all over the internet. People are taking sides and it just feels so sad. As of right now, they agreed that they will keep their children in NYC. Sophie wants the kids to be based in the UK, and she SUED Joe Jonas and claimed that he was hiding their kids passports from her. So wild.

I want the best for these two, and I hope they can come to somewhat of an agreement. I am on Sophie's side if anyone was wondering. Joe has tried way to hard to have his PR team drag her name through the mud and apparently Sophie didn't even know about the divorce until she saw it online. Fuck you Joe Jonas. You don't disrespect the Queen of the North.