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Apology Time! I Was 100% Correct About Sean Payton

Around this time last year, the Chargers were in dire straights. The crows were circling Brandon Staley and Sean Payton was shamelessly positioning himself every day to take the job. While Chargers fans were chompin at the bit, there was one voice shouting back against the crowd. Me. 

I never wanted him and also spoke out about how, practically speaking, it would just never happen because the Spanos family is cheap and they wouldn't part with draft capital either. Lets break down how correct the points I made were. 

This is still 100% the case with the Chargers. They are giving up the second most PPG (29) and the second most yards (1,352) in the league. Guess who is giving up the most? Sean Payton's Broncos at 40.7 PPG and 1,375 yards. 

Guess what, this is also still correct. The Chargers are currently 2nd in the league in Yards/Game (416.7) and T-5th in PPG(28.7). Offense is STILL NOT THE PROBLEM. It is DEFENSE. Staley obviously isn't doing shit to fix it but Payton obviously does nothing for them there. 


Just look at the responses. 


The rest of the season may play out differently but, for now, I'm going to take my victory lap around that bozo coach. We were fucked as a franchise regardless of who was coaching, but at least the franchise isn't out $100 Million and draft picks.