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Deion Sanders Did Not Hold Back When Asked Why 5-Star Freshman Cormani McClain Is Not Playing For Colorado

Deion Sanders was asked why 5-star freshman defensive back Cormani McClain has yet to see any meaningful playing time for Colorado and he answered the question as honestly as any college football coach has ever answered anything. He did not pull any punches.

I've seen a mixed reaction to Coach Prime being so willing to call a player out like this publicly, but it seems pretty clear to me he wants McClain to live up to what he knows he's capable of and hopes maybe this will do it. Because if you're a defensive back who isn't listening to Deion Sanders — much less your head coach — privately, maybe it takes something like this to be a wake-up call.

I don't know what the expectations for McClain were internally in his freshman season, but just in terms of talent, he and Travis Hunter have the potential to be the best pair of corners in the country. Even if McClain doesn't end up seeing the field much this year, he'll still have one more season to be able to play with Hunter. Hopefully he figures things out and is able to be the player he was projected to be, because he and Hunter in the same defensive backfield would be insane to watch.

Coach Prime is calling things how he sees them, though. He's not going to sugarcoat anything, even if you're a 5-star.