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Cher Is Being Accused of Hiring Four Men to Kidnap Her Son

ET - Cher has been accused of hiring four men to kidnap her son, Elijah Blue Allman, from a New York hotel room in an effort to stop Allman from reconciling with his estranged wife.

Marie Angela King, his estranged wife, made the startling allegation in court documents she filed in Los Angeles Superior Court back on Dec. 5. The court documents, obtained by ET, are only now making headlines after the case was uncovered as part of the estranged couple's ongoing divorce case.

In court documents, King claims she was told Cher hired four men to remove Allman from a hotel room the night of their wedding anniversary. She claims they spent 12 days alone together since Nov. 18, but that all changed on Nov. 30, 2022, when four people barged into their hotel room and "removed [Allman] from our room.

This is WILD. So basically Cher needs to do a reboot of Monster In Law and take Jane Fonda's role. Does Cher have a crush on her son? Is she jealous of her son reconciling his marriage? Either that, or her son is in a very toxic relationship with this woman and she is trying to help him. I like the first options. Imagine you're trying to celebrate your anniversary and all the sudden four men BARGE into your hotel room and tell you that your mommy sent them and she says you gotta go? 

Cher obviously thinks there is life after love. So she is trying to really enforce that but getting her son OUT of this relationship. I mean were the four men really necessary? Maybe just give him a phone call or something. This is giving crazy Mother In Law, just totally psycho. This takes helicopter mom to a whole new level. If I could turn back time, I would tell Cher to think before she acts.