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A British Airways Pilot Has Been Fired After Snorting Cocaine Off A Topless Woman And Then Trying To Fly A Passenger Plane Back To London

SOURCE: A British Airways pilot has been sacked after reports he snorted cocaine off a topless woman before trying to fly a passenger plane back to London. Married pilot Mike Beaton boasted about his antics to a stewardess who raised the alarm, according to The Sun newspaper.

In a statement to Sky News, BA confirmed the pilot is no longer employed by the airline. The Sun reported the drug-fuelled incident occurred during one of Mr Beaton's nights off in Johannesburg.

"I've lost my shirt somewhere and one of the local lads produces a plate with a few lines of coke," one of the text messages said, according to The Sun.

"So then there's a debate about whose chest is the best to do a bump off."

Who amongst us hasn't? God forbid men have hobbies like you read about. Reminds me of that Shane Gillis tweet:

Bloke of the year. We gotta get a comment from this lad. Partying with a Welsh holidaymaker and young Spanish woman that led to a who has a better chest debate? It hurts to see other people living out your dreams. "The Sun said the pilot's wife has declined to comment" had me in absolute tears. What a one-liner to finish it off. If there is a God, we'll have this guy back in the skies in no time given his innate skill to fly under the most pressured circumstances. Let him land. He still showed up for work the next morning. Hero.