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New Study Finds That Public Golf Courses Lead The Nation In Most Psychopaths Per Capita

The study was conducted by myself with my own two eyes over the past few weeks on social media. If you follow the Barstool page, Foreplay, Zire, Breezy, etc, then chances are you've seen a massive influx over the past few weeks of absolute lunatics wreaking havoc on public golf courses all throughout this great nation. Day after day, scroll after scroll, it's deranged maniacs committing attempted murder on the back 9. The other week we had the Man Who Has Been To Heaven. 

And now we have this psycho chasing his victims down with a 3-wood on the tee box like a serial killer. 

Now I've seen some stories floating around out there to give this clip a little context. Apparently the freak flinging around his 3-wood like a first team all-pro murderer drove the green on a par 4 on the previous hole. The group ahead of him (the ones getting walloped with the club) were on the green, and decided to tee up that ball and hit it back at him. If you listen closely, you can hear the maniac say something along the lines of "hit that ball at her and I'll fucking kill you". So I'm guessing the situation here is at least something along the lines of the group ahead hitting a ball back at the group behind them. And if we're being totally honest here...

Yeah. You kinda deserve everything that comes your way after doing something like that. I get that getting hit into is never fun, but there's a gray area there when you're on the green of a gettable par 4. If you were on the fairway, then sure, you have every right in the world to hit it back at them. But chances are this ball just rolled up on them if it's a gettable par 4. No chance is it getting there in the air, so nobody was really in any danger. And if this is a public track, the group on the tee box doesn't have a ton of time to just sit there and let you clear the hole before letting it rip. There was probably another group already finishing up on the green behind them. So turning around and hitting the ball back at them opens you up to whatever unhinged reaction is going to come out of the psychopaths you'll get at public courses. 

The real issue here, and I think we're all aware of it at this point, is that there are just far too many people playing golf these days. You'll have courses booking tee times 5 minutes apart for foursomes as if it won't create the most hostile and chaotic environment possible. You have folks who are already pissed off enough about how shitty they're playing out there. Combine that with the fact that they have to wait 10 minutes on every tee box. Combine that with the fact that they've got another group teeing off behind them the moment they're done hitting. Combine that with the fact that the bev cart hasn't come by in 7 holes. There are just way too many people out there. Golf used to be an exclusive sport, and now we're seeing why.