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'Very Few' - Brooks Koepka Gave An Unreal Answer About Guys Wanting To Play In Pressure Moments, Need Him In A Match With The Ryder Cup On The Line

This is how you give an answer because it's honest and direct. Yeah, sure, everyone can say they want the ball with the game/match on the line. They want to be the last one out on Sunday singles and need to win in order to get the cup. But the amount of people who actually want it and can do it is small. Brooks is one of those guys who I'd want to be there with the match on the line. Dude is nails. He doesn't get too high, doesn't get too low. Just goes about his business and comes through in big moments. That's how he has 5 majors, really more in his mind: 

Even with the course manipulation this Ryder Cup feels like it's going to be 14.5-13.5 or 15-13. Something like that. It's going to come down to those 8 foot putts. It's going to come down to the late matches on Sunday. Out of the 24 how many do you trust to want to be there and think they can win? This is what Brooks is talking about. Spieth, Brooks, Scottie, JT, Morikawa, Clark, Harman are all major winners. That's huge to have based on what Brooks is saying. Europe's major winners are Rahm, Rory, Lowry, Rose and Fitzpatrick. 

I hope it comes down to a Sunday singles, Brooks pulls a Jimmy Chitwood. I'm gonna make it. Give him the ball. Put the cup in his hands. What an answer. If he can handle this, he can handle the European crowd to win.