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Seiya Suzuki Dropped The Most Routine Fly Ball You'll Ever See To Lose A Game That Could Potentially Keep The Cubs Out Of The Postseason


The Chicago Cubs are hanging on for dear life to the final Wild Card spot in the National League and may have just blown a game that would keep them out of the postseason when all is said and done at the end of this week. That drop from Seiya Suzuki pulls the Marlins to just half a game back of the Cubs with six games left for Miami while Chicago has five.

Now to be fair to Suzuki, what will actually keep the Cubs out of the playoffs if they don't end up making it is the fact that they're 82-75 and aren't very good. With that said, however, you gotta catch that ball. If the lights are too bright — literally and figuratively — right now, imagine what an absolute liability this guy would be in the postseason.

Tough break, though. I can imagine how badly this would sting if my team was still fighting desperately for the right to play in a fake round of the playoffs. Blooper is laughing.