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Taylor Swift Will Never Have As Much Impact On The NFL As Michael Jackson Did

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SOURCE - According to sportswear and fan merchandise company Fanatics, Kelce's jersey was one of the top five for the NFL on Sunday. He "saw a nearly 400% spike in sales throughout the Fanatics network of sites, including," a spokesperson told The Associated Press via email.

Sales spiked on the same day that Swift was spotted watching the Chiefs play the Bears alongside Kelce's mother, Donna, from one of Arrowhead's glass-enclosed suites.

People are going to want to credit Taylor Swift with this news but pump the brakes! Notice, it is not Taylor but Kelce's Mom who is wearing the jersey. It seems that the increase is because people want to look more like Donna Kelce! Take that Tay-

I can't even keep this bit going. This Taylor Swift impact on the NFL is fucking wild.

Imagine if the game wasn't so one-sided? I am sure that NBC wasn't too thrilled about the Jets/Chiefs game on Sunday Night Football until Taylor Swift was cheering in that luxury box. Now, you'll have all sorts of eyes on the game even if it will be a blowout (and it's going to be. I'm a Jets fan and I am dreading this game). I'd have to imagine there is a good chance we get another Swift Sighting with this game being at MetLife Stadium.

That's fucking nuts. Travis Kelce is a huge name in sports. He hosted SNL! It's not like she's dating Daniel Vogelbach (although Frank Vs. Swifties would be a wild war). It's hard to fully grasp how popular Taylor Swift is. I haven't seen anything like this since Michael Jackson came out with Thriller when I was a little kid. I don't remember anyone in music since then being this big. Taylor Swift made news for eating chicken tenders. This is even beyond fame.

No matter what Taylor Swift does, I do doubt she'll ever have as much impact as Michael Jackson had on the NFL though. Take a breath Swifties. Let me try to explain.

Beretta. Shutterstock Images.

Back in the 1980's, the owner of the New England Patriots was Billy Sullivan. He was actually the founder of the team and owned them since their inception in 1962. Billy's son Chuck saw the massive popularity of Michael Jackson and wanted to get involved. He helped bankroll the Victory Tour which was a concert featuring not only Michael but the Jackson 5 as well. He even used Foxboro Stadium as collateral. 

The tour ended up making a lot of revenue but expenses started going through the roof. The city of Foxboro denied the permit for the Victory Tour to play there due to "unknown elements". This would have been by far the most profitable tour stop for Sullivan. Several shows were cancelled when Jermaine Jackson got sick. Finally, the Europe and Australian legs of the tour were abruptly cancelled when Michael got tired of dealing with his brothers.

The Sullivans were almost instantly broke and were forced to sell to the team in 1992. Foxboro Stadium fell into bankruptcy and was bought by a local businessman. That same businessman was able to use the stadium as leverage and buy the entire team two years later. His name? Robert Kraft.

If Michael Jackson never agrees to do the Victory Tour, Robert Kraft never buys the Patriots and who knows what happens to Tom Brady. That much impact will be tough for even Taylor Swift to beat.

Finally, if you're a Minifan…Forrest Mars was indeed allergic to peanuts.