Arizona Cardinals Gift Shop Refuses To Let You Purchase The Jersey Of Their Starting Quarterback Josh Dobbs

That's a fairly inexcusable mistake from the Arizona Cardinals Gift Shop Team (or whatever they're called). I know Josh Dobbs isn't a superstar. Even calling him one of the best 30 quarterbacks in the league might be a stretch.  But all things considered, he's played fairly well for the Cardinals. I think most fans would agree he's been much better than expected. The Cardinals were almost unanimously picked to finish the season with the worst record in the NFL. And as of now, they actually have a positive points scored to points against ratio. Lost their first 2 games by a combined total of 7 points, then beat the undefeated Dallas Cowboys, a team who's defense looked unworldly for the first 2 weeks, by 12 points. A lot of that is thanks to Josh Dobbs.

I understand that there's still not going to be a rush of Cardinals fan storming the gift shop to get their Josh Dobbs gear. They don't have to sell a Josh Dobbs bobblehead. I would even understand if they don't have a Josh Dobbs jersey hanging on the wall. But they have a whole ass 'pick your jersey' machine that appears to include about every fucking player on the team, except for their starting quarterback.

#16 on the Arizona Cardinals is Punter Nolan Cooley. I feel like I don't need to elaborate on how ridiculous that is. I'm sure he's a fine punter. I bet his hamstrings are flexible as hell. He can probably kick his leg all the way over his head like a Rockette. But you need to have your starting quarterback's jersey available before your punter's. And even worse than that, #15 is a gentleman named Clayton Tune. Clayton Tune is the Cardinals backup quarterback. A quarterback decidedly worse than Josh Dobbs. I'm sure Clayton Tune was great at The University of Houston (had to look that up). And I'm sure he lit the pre-season on fire. But who other than his parents and siblings are purchasing a Nick Tune jersey?

Get your shit together Cardinals.