More Women Watched Sunday Night Football Than Ever, Thanks To Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift doesn't wake up in the morning without smashing records. She doesn't leave the house in her perfectly constructed outfits and message sending manicures, without drawing every eye in the WORLD. She stepped out this past Sunday and did the biggest favor to the NFL since Beyonce did the Halftime show - made women interested. 

It was really sweet of Taylor to help out a little known organization like this. It's kind of crazy, I really hadn't heard about the NFL since Gisele dumped Tom Brady! Hmm, seems like women are the only thing that make it relevant? TYPICAL! Here's the thing, we're all paying attention. Let's keep this interesting moving forward, huh? Less "run the ball 10 yards" and more TaylorCam.

Can you believe the span she has? Females aged 12-49 stopped what they were doing and tuned in on a Sunday afternoon. This is almost unheard of, especially on a calm, fall Sunday usually reserved for apple picking and pumpkin spice lattes. The power she holds is insurmountable.