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Emily Ratajkowski Won't Date Men That Wear Ankle Socks

Emrata says dainty ankles are OUT and honestly...I agree. 

Now, I understand how outlandish it is, but men wearing ankle socks with shorts is just so wrong. I'm fine with men wearing ankle socks with pants, that makes sense. But something about a man wearing sneakers, shorts, and ankle socks just throws me off. And before you say anything, I think it applies to women too. I never feel confident in an outfit if I'm wearing shorts and ankle socks. It just feels weird. If I'm wearing a dress/skirt and sneakers though, I will wear ankle socks. Anything else just feels off. I think we should all just collectively stop wearing ankle socks and shorts. It's time to end this madness. 

“My recent ick is men’s ankles. Exposed ankles. I hate that,” Ratajkowski said. “A dainty ankle exposed on the hottest man will ruin my day.” Girl, I get it. I can't even explain why its so jarring but it just is. It is also just a simple thing to fix! Just start buying calf socks and see how many more women you will pull. I'm completely serious. I would say it is actually pretty common for women to be turned off by a man wearing shorts and ankle socks. If the hottest woman on the planet is saying it too, then you should probably listen.