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Zombie Stormtroopers Are Coming To Star Wars

Last week on Ahsoka, we were finally introduced to Grand Admiral Thrawn in the flesh - and along with him, came his army: the Night Troopers.

Thrawn and his army have been trapped on Peridea (which is in a different galaxy) for about 10 years in Star Wars time, and his troopers look like they picked up some damage in that time….

Thrawn's ship, the Chimaera, looks like it has some of that same wear-and-tear as well….


….but what if Thrawn's troopers AREN'T simply battle-damaged Stormtroopers, though? What if they're DEAD Stormtroopers, reanimated by the Nightmothers?

They DO have those red/maroon wraps holding them together, right?!

The Nightmothers/Nightsisters are basically just Star Wars' version of witches, and they've manifested/reanimated zombie-like creatures before….

….so it ain't outta the realm of possibility.

Hell, they even created Marrok - a masked Inquisitor - out of smoke/gas/fog/farts earlier this season!

I think Marrok might've been the precursor to the real undead, though: which is these troopers. Imagine how badass that'd be? Instead of just slapping a new coat of paint onto the Stormtroopers like they always do, actually make them a little different and unique! Turn them all into fallen soldiers the Night Sisters reanimated, showing that Thrawn is finally embracing the supernatural after failing to account for it during the Battle of Lothal!


I don't really have much else evidence to back this theory up, but I swear it's gonna come true! We may even get some answers on it tonight! I hope we find out what Baylon's "list" is for at the very least….

Tune in the Ahsoka's PENULTIMATE premiere tonight at 9pm ET, and come on back to the My Mom's Basement YouTube channel tomorrow night for an immediate reaction/review….

P.S. There's an old Legends book about zombie Stormtroopers called "Death Troopers" if you're itchin for more content around this idea.