If You Are An Innocent Spectator Where A Full On Brawl Breaks Out The Food Better Be Really Good

NY Post- Wild footage obtained by Italian news source Corriere del Veneto shows waiters brawling with customers at Caffè Chioggia in Venice, Italy’s famed St. Mark’s square. 

Seven waiters and four patrons with a “foreign nationality” were involved in the scuffle, according to the local outlet. 

The video was recorded last week by an English speaker who exclaims, “What is happening? Oh my God” as the fight erupts before her eyes. 

The group of waiters and patrons push and shove each other before eventually crashing into a table and chairs. 

One man attempts to shield himself by holding up a chair. 

The fight reportedly began after several waiters pushed a customer away after a verbal altercation. 

The foreign customers then fought back and pushed staffers nearby attempting to quell the situation, turning the smaller kerfuffle into a big brawl.

Wild video out of Italy here as a full on brawl breaks out at a restaurant. As usual no one really knows why the fight broke out, or what led to it, just that a verbal altercation sparked it, which is the equivalent to saying someone died from heart failure ... no shit. It gets chaotic with punches being thrown, people defending themselves with chairs, and mass confusion. Standard practice for any fight worth it's weight. 

I've seen a lot of few crazy things at restaurants, saw a waitress fall right on her face at breakfast last year, had a few people yell at a waiter, but I've never seen a full on brawl like this. 

The real take I had here is this: If you are one of these passer bys or innocent bystanders at this restaurant and have now become someone at an essential crime scene ... the food better be fucking worth it. Imagine this ... a couple is on their honeymoon, marveling at how much they love each other and the beautiful scenery when all of a sudden a chair comes flying by. Or imagine an old couple stops in for dinner and movie. Maybe the restaurant is a little crowded, maybe they have to hustle to make the start time. Just when they try to ask for the check, their waiter is throwing fists like a juiced out meathead at Back Bar after a bad cycle. 

Now these pour people have to wait to pay to get out of there ? If it was me, the least you can do is give me a great meal, because if I gotta risk my life I better be walking out telling people it was worth it because the meal blew my socks off. Just my two cents and of course ..;. a #healthydebate