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Rent Was Due: Capital J Journalist Shows Off That Degree And Is Getting Cancelled For Writing A Taylor Swift Hit Piece

I've heard all your requests for more Taylor Swift blogs, so here I am. We can write like 40 blogs about the same exact Chiefs game and happenings but can't write about this fella getting ripped to shreds over his "Taylor is a narcissist" hit piece?! I also think this guy just found an infinite money glitch. While everyone goes high, you go low because clicks, that's why! Oldest trick in the book. You gotta love a guy willing to double down after the power of a bunch of Kelsie Keegs have come at him on the Internet:

Quick research shows The Federalist is a conservative rag and I'd be ashamed if this guy didn't make this part of his campaign. It takes balls of magnitude we've never seen before to openly come at Taylor Swift on the Internet, so a slight hat tip there even if he looks like a total dweeb doing it. Some random other Journalist jumped in and called her homely and is getting ratio'd to Bolivian too:


I'd like to think I have pretty thick skin but there's no way I'm ever getting into the mud with Swifties. Imagine thousands of people calling you an ugly piece of shit? They literally marked his photo as sensitive content. No chance I'm hopping on the Internet after that.

Ultimately sure, the fanfare around Travis Kelce and Taylor is certainly too much, but there's a reason you can just close your eyes and hop offline. I'm sure the sun will shine tomorrow and you'll live regardless, but just heed the warning that the Swifties are on high alert and are ready to attack if you choose to engage. Good luck out there.