VIDEO: Jack-In-The-Box Employee Shoots At Customer Over Missing Curly Fries

No potato is worth this violence! But in this case, I get it. Dude was throwing food EVERYWHERE and if I was the employee I would freak out too. You can only throw so much Jack-In-The-Box in someone's face before they take a stand. And see what happened? Guy got out of there quickly. Very quickly. May this video serve as your reminder to never disrespect a hard working fast food employee. You know they have seen enough shit, and sometimes it's the missing curly fries that set them over the top.

Now that being said, obviously this is fucking crazy and this woman is for sure gettin fired and probably arrested. I guess you still can't technically shoot a guy over curly fries. Because when it comes down to it, if we all shot at each other any time an order was messed up we'd all be dead in the drive thru. Gotta have some sort of decorum. Maybe just an old fashioned fist fight next time.