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Good News: The Jets Signed A New QB! Bad News: It's Trevor Siemian!

Justin Edmonds. Getty Images.

In the grand Jets tradition of Brooks Bollinger, Luke Falk and Trevor Siemian, they signed another shitty quarterback and it's…Trevor Siemian again. 

This is like a movie studio green lighting a sequel to The Happening. No one wanted to sit through the first movie. A sequel to that is a punishment. The carousel of shitty Jets QB keeps going round and round. When will it stop? Nobody knows.

If you forgot Siemian played for the Jets, it's pretty understandable. He lasted six snaps before having his ankle ligaments ripped apart by Myles Garrett. He had come in to replace Sam Darnold who was missing the game due to having mono. Now, he's hopefully replacing Zach Wilson who will soon be missing games due to being very bad at playing football.

Ezra Shaw. Getty Images.

I find this picture interesting because if Siemian plays on Sunday, this same shot can be recreated as the Chiefs annihilate the Jets on Sunday night in front of the entire country. The thing that frustrates me the most about this signing is the potential that it could be the last one. Does Joe Douglas think this will be the solution? I am in the camp that anyone is better than Zack Wilson but this is such a marginal improvement, it reeks of more of a lateral move.

OK…I'm going to try to be less negative for a second. Siemian did put up some decent numbers in 2021 with New Orleans. In 4 starts, he had 11 TD's and only 3 INTs. The Saints did go 0-4 in those games but that might be unfair. If Siemian is going to have a QB rating of 88.4 with the Jets and this defense and run game, that would lead to wins.

The problem is the rest of his career doesn't spell that out. He was decent as the starter for the 2016 Broncos when he was 25 (3400 yards, 18 TD, 10 INT in 14 games) but regressed the next season (2285 yards, 12 TD, 14 INT in 11 games). He never got a true chance to start a full season in the NFL again.

He's 32, started a game with the Bears last year and kind of stunk (15/26, 184 yds, TD, INT). This is not a savior. It's a band-aid. I guess the good news is he didn't cost anything so it would be easy to cut bait if a better option (coughcoughKirkCousinscough) became available. 

OK. I've talked myself into it. Go Trevor Siemian. The Siemian Era has begun!

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Why do I fucking do this to myself? Jesus Christ. What a fucking disaster.