The White Sox Have Resulted To Bribing Fans With $1 Ticket Prices And Free Parking Instead Of Winning Baseball Games Like They Should Be Doing Instead

In case you missed it, and you 100% did because the White Sox are the most embarrassing professional franchise not named the Chicago Bears in all of professional sports, the White Sox are offering $1 tickets and free parking for Thursday's rescheduled game against the mighty Arizona Diamondbacks. 

Absolutely fantastic way to thank fans for sticking with the team through the thicks and thins of the 2023 baseball season. 


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Stuff your "thank yous" in a goddamn sack, you bums. This isn't a "thank you" to fans. There's not a White Sox fan on earth that doesn't already pay pennies for Sox tickets when they decide to go. All you gotta do is fire up Gametime and see you can sit basically anywhere in the stadium for less than $5.

So yeah, this "thank you" doesn't suffice, not at all, and I hope not one single Sox fan takes them up on their "offer". On the flip side, you know what would be a good thank you?

- Paying people assloads of money to go to your games
- Winning baseball games and lots of them

That's it. That's the start and finish of it. You want to thank me by bribing me with cheap tickets I wouldn't be paying shit for anyways? Fuck off. Win baseball games. FIGURE IT THE FUCK OUT. These $1 "thank you fans!!!" tickets are a slap in the face of every one of us who ever gave money to that dickhead who runs the team.

BTW I hope Sox Park is littered with 40,000 Cubs fans when the Diamondbacks are in town this week. There have been internet rumblings about a massive Cubs fan takeover of Sox Park because the Cubs NEED the Sox to win at least 2/3 in this set and it'd be pretty fucking funny if Reinsdorf's arch rival ransacked his entire stadium while all of the people who should be consuming his product are boycotting him and the shit product he's force down our throats for a decade plus. 

Then again he'd love those late season attendance spikes. Fucking guy just wins even when he's losing and it makes me very fucking depressed