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Last Night We Got Another Great Reminder That D'Andre Swift's Dad Could Probably Kick Your Dad's Ass

Over the past 2 weeks, D'Andre Swift has ran for a combined 305 yards. He has close to 150 more yards than Derrick Henry in 6 fewer touches. He's averaging damn near 7 yards per carry right now. A lot of that obviously has to do with the fact that the Eagles offensive line is absurd and he can pick up a ton of yards without even getting touched. 

But even when there is contact, D'Andre Swift is a freak and is able to just power through it. Which, I'd imagine, has a lot to do with the fact that his old man is a fucking tank. 

Now this isn't breaking news or anything. We've been seeing shots of Darren Swift looking jacked as shit in the crowd while Swift was at Georgia. They did a whole feature on him heading into the 2020 NFL Draft. But every once in a while it's just nice to remind yourself that D'Andre Swift's dad could beat up your dad and it wouldn't even be close. I mean there's no shame in admitting that. He'd kick the shit out of my dad. I'm a dad myself and he'd break me in half without even needing to get a warmup set in. 

Just look at this shit. 

Most gyms would probably make you sign a waiver before trying to do pushups like that. Last thing they need is a lawsuit on their hands after you snap your wrists and cave your face into the ground. This is probably just Darren Swift doing a cool down. 

This Eagles team is just pure beef from top to bottom. From the quarterback to the running back to the offensive line to the running back's dad. The Philadelphia Eagles are just some massive slabs of meat. That's how you win football games, boys and girls. Pounds and pounds of beef. 

P.S. -- Something tells me Darren Swift and the One Man Thrill Ride would be two peas in a pod.